October 01, 2013

Social Networks, Identity, Psudonyms, & Influence Podcast Episodes

Here are the first 4 episodes of The Social Media Clarity Podcast:

  1. Social Network: What is it, and where do I get one? (mp3) 26 Aug 2013
  2. HuffPo, Identity, and Abuse (mp3) 5 Sep 2013  NEW
  3. Save our Pseudonyms! (Guest: Dr. Bernie Hogan) (mp3) 16 Sep 2013  NEW
  4. Influence is a Graph (mp3) 30 Sep 2013  NEW
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August 26, 2013

Follow Us Over to the Social Media Clarity Podcast

We're gettin' the band back together! Your friendly BWRS authors are reunited on a brand new podcast, aimed at designers, product managers and producers of social platforms and products.

Social Media Clarity will be a regular podcast: "15 minutes of concentrated analysis and advice about social media in platform and product design." Joining us is Marc Smith.

We're all really pleased with how the first episode has turned out. We discuss:

  • Rumors that FB will soon start throttling OpenGraph and API usage for 3d parties
  • A round-table discussion: does my product need its own social networking capabilities?
  • A practical tip at the end, an intro to NodeXL

Check it out, won't you? You can subscribe to the series (soon) through iTunes, or now at

October 12, 2010

First! Randy to be the kickoff guest for new Community Chat podcast series.

Bill Johnston and Thomas Knolls are launching a new live podcast series: Community Chat on talkshoe.

I am so honored to be the lead-off guest on their inagural episode (Wednesday 10-13-10):

The kickoff episode of Community Chat! [We] will be discussing the premise of the Community Chat podcast with special guest Randy Farmer. Will also be getting a preview of Blog World Expo from Check Hemann.

I'll be talking with them about online community issues developers and operators all share in common - well, as much as I can in 10 minutes. :-) Click on the widget above to go there - it will be recorded for those who missed it live...

UPDATE The widget is now has an option to play back the session. Just choose "Kickoff" and press play. :-)

August 25, 2010

Oct-06-10 SVPMA Talk: Web Reputations: Putting Social Media to Work in Your Products

On October 6th, Randy will be presenting Web Reputations: Putting Social Media to Work in Your Products at the Silicon Valley Product Managers Association:

While social media were originally focused on consumers, product managers in every segment are wondering how to deal with this shift to customer interaction and communities of interest. We’re crowdsourcing ideas for our B2B products, putting up community self-support sites, and tweeting our updates. We surf user-generated content on Facebook and LinkedIn. Anonymous posts rate our products against the competition. Customer groups that love us - and hate us - are organizing on their own.

Hidden in social media are problems of web reputation: how to tell good stuff from bad, how to engage and reward contributors, scale up rating systems, and stamp out inappropriate content. Web reputations are a source of social power. As product managers, we need to understand the reputation and reward systems we put in place when we add social networking to our products/services.  This talk with provide you with the sample criteria you must think about when creating a social media strategy for your product.It will identify the five most common mistakes product designers and product managers make when considering adding reputation, ratings and reviews to their applications It will provide you with intellectual tools needed to avoid these pitfalls as well as teach you how to think effectively about the alternatives. For example, questions like “Is Like always better than Ratings?”  “When should I use thumbs-down?” and “Can I re-purpose reputation?” will be discussed.

It will be a variant of the Reputation Missteps talk - targeted at product managers. Non-members can attend for a nominal fee. This article will be updated with a registration link when it becomes available.

July 13, 2010

5 Reputation Missteps [video] @Google 7/1

I gave a solo version of the 5 Reputation Missteps (and how to avoid them) at Google as a tech-talk, and the video is up:

I'm afraid I don't do anywhere as well with Bryce's portions as he does, but this is one of the better solo presentations I've given...

If you'd like Bryce and I to respond to any comments/questions you have, please leave your comments here instead of on the video - we don't get email notifications there...

June 28, 2010

July 1 @Google - Randy presents 5 Reputation Missteps

[This Thursday, 7/1/2010 at 1pm at Google's main campus. Please email with your name if you are not a Google employee and plan to attend, so Google security can be alerted]


Designing a reputation system is hard. Do it right, and you’re likely to draw from disciplines as disparate as computer science, sociology, user experience design and behavioral economics. Do it wrong, and you could wreak horrible downstream effects on the morale, motivations and mindset of your community.

We often design web reputation systems by drawing from easily-available examples on the Web, but this is an impoverished approach; it often leads the designer to settle on a design solution before they’ve properly understood the context, and framed the design problem. This is cargo-cult design at its worst, and leads to such “common sense” fallacies as…

* “It’s The People, Dummy!"
* “One Reputation To Rule Them All”
* “All I Need is Five Stars"
* “Competition is Always Good”
* “Negative Karma Will Out the Bad Guys”

F. Randall "Randy" Farmer, one of the authors of Building Web Reputation Systems (O’Reilly, 2010) will debunk these fallacies, and a couple of others besides, drawing on real-life examples of actual deployed reputation systems from some of our industry’s biggest names: EA, Google, Yahoo! and Ebay. You might be surprised at how pervasive, and persistent, these fallacies have been through the years. But don’t worry—we’ll also tell you how to avoid falling into the same old traps!


[This Thursday, 7/1/2010 at 1pm at Google's main campus. Please email with your name if you are not a Google employee and plan to attend, so Google security can be alerted]

May 05, 2010

Web2.0 Expo Talk — 5 Reputation Missteps

The slides from our presentation yesterday at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. We will soon be adding all speaker's notes into the full version on Slideshare.