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Oct-06-10 SVPMA Talk: Web Reputations: Putting Social Media to Work in Your Products

On October 6th, Randy will be presenting Web Reputations: Putting Social Media to Work in Your Products at the Silicon Valley Product Managers Association:

While social media were originally focused on consumers, product managers in every segment are wondering how to deal with this shift to customer interaction and communities of interest. We’re crowdsourcing ideas for our B2B products, putting up community self-support sites, and tweeting our updates. We surf user-generated content on Facebook and LinkedIn. Anonymous posts rate our products against the competition. Customer groups that love us - and hate us - are organizing on their own.

Hidden in social media are problems of web reputation: how to tell good stuff from bad, how to engage and reward contributors, scale up rating systems, and stamp out inappropriate content. Web reputations are a source of social power. As product managers, we need to understand the reputation and reward systems we put in place when we add social networking to our products/services.  This talk with provide you with the sample criteria you must think about when creating a social media strategy for your product.It will identify the five most common mistakes product designers and product managers make when considering adding reputation, ratings and reviews to their applications It will provide you with intellectual tools needed to avoid these pitfalls as well as teach you how to think effectively about the alternatives. For example, questions like “Is Like always better than Ratings?”  “When should I use thumbs-down?” and “Can I re-purpose reputation?” will be discussed.

It will be a variant of the Reputation Missteps talk - targeted at product managers. Non-members can attend for a nominal fee. This article will be updated with a registration link when it becomes available.


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