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A Sneak-Peek at Reputation Concepts

Reputation Wednesday is an ongoing series of essays about reputation-related matters. This week, Bryce shares a simple work-in-progress and solicits your input to make it better.

Once upon a time, in (what feels like) a previous life, I illustrated some moderately well-received concept maps: diagrams intended to communicate some simple concepts about software systems and show the interrelationships between their moving parts.

Throughout work on Building Web Reputation Systems, it has always been my intent to attempt a compelling, engaging and fun-to-read concept map. Something to demonstrate the concepts that we've drawn on throughout the book. That was my intent anyway—it just never occurred to me how much work writing a book was going to be. So it hasn't been until fairly recently (like… um, tonight, actually) that I've been able to start pulling something together.

Adhering to our open policy, here, then is that very first rough-and-ugly (and incomplete!) sketch. (Click it for the full version on Flickr.)


I usually don't use Omnigraffle in the design of these concept maps, but it's looseness and speed of idea-capture just felt right for this one, so I'll probably let the general shape of the map simmer for a while in it before moving it over to Illustrator for some fun touches and polish.

This sketch is, admittedly, incomplete. I have a paper version, drafted beforehand, that's easily 150% this size (in terms of # of concepts and linkages.) Please feel free to comment here, or over on Flickr. Hopefully you've enjoyed this brief light interlude, and I'll share more about the progress on the Reputation Systems Concept Map as it evolves.


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