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A Case Study: Yahoo! Answers Community Moderation

Reputation Wednesday is an ongoing series of essays about reputation-related matters. This week's entry announces two important milestones.

We are proud to announce that our Chapter 12 Case Study—Yahoo! Answers Community Content—is now available for review! This chapter is a doozy. Using the structure and guidance from the rest of the book, it attempts to describe, in detail, a project that has saved Yahoo! millions of dollars in customer care costs (and produced a stronger, more content-vibrant community in the process.) No excerpts here. It's all good stuff—go read it.

And, coinciding with this draft chapter release, Randy and I can also announce that we've achieved an important milestone for the book: draft complete status. Our editor Mary blessed it on Monday. We're expecting feedback from our early reviewers soon that will dictate the tempo and scope of re-writes, so… stay tuned! We will, of course, continue to blog here and stick faithfully to our Reputation Wednesday schedule.



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