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Yahoo! Answers Community Moderation

Reputation Wednesday is an ongoing series of essays about reputation-related matters. This week, we pause to highlight a great presentation from Micah Alpern of Yahoo!

Micah Alpern is Director of User Experience for Social Search at Yahoo! and was, at one time, the lead User Experience designer for the first several iterations of Yahoo! Answers. One of the final projects Micah worked on for Answers was a reputation-intensive program to reduce the amount of abusive content that was appearing on that site.

We'll be covering this very project, Yahoo! Answers Community Moderation as an in-depth case study in our soon-to-be-drafted Chapter 12 and Micah recently gave a fantastic presentation to the Wikimania 2009 conference. It covers everything from business goals, community metrics, design and implementation to some insight into how well the project performed, and continues to perform.

If you just can't get enough, we'd also recommend you check out the video of Micah's presentation. Thanks for the presentation, Micah! (And you'll be seeing Micah, Ori Zaltzman, Yvonne French and other key drivers of that project surface in Chapter 12.)


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