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Chapters 3 (Architecture) & 9 (Uses) Are Up

Reputation Wednesday is an ongoing series of essays about reputation-related matters. This week's entry introduces two new chapters in our book.

The wiki for Building Web 2.0 Reputation systems has been updated with two new chapters that are very different from each other.

Chapter 3 - The Reputation Sandbox is a fairly technical discussion of the execution environment for reputation models and establishing the product requirements to construct just such a sandbox. If that last sentence didn't make any sense to you, this technically oriented chapter can safely be skipped. Perhaps you will like something from the next one...

Chapter 9 - Using Reputation: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly presents a whole host of reputation-driven strategies for improving content quality (and the perception of said) on your community-driven site. This chapter will interest UX designers, product- and community-managers and social architects of all stripes.

No excerpts this time around folks. For their respective audiences, we think the chapters themselves are packed with chewy goodness.


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