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Polish & Predictability

Just a quick note. One development that Randy and I are excited about: we've solicited the help of a fantastic copy-editor, Cate de Heer to provide a third set of eyes on our draft chapters. Cate's help is, of course, is in addition to that of our superb O'Reilly Editor Mary Treseler.

We're hoping that early and ongoing copy improvements will help immensely in the latter stages of the book's development (which are rapidly approaching)—by the time our technical reviewers start their reviews, hopefully they won't be distracted by our errant commas (and my overabundant exclamation points!) Cate has already delivered revisions to Chapter 1, and we published them wholesale on the wiki, so please do check them out.

(And, if you're curious to see what a difference a thoughtful copy-edit can make to your writing, you can compare the current version with any version preceding the 'Copy Edits' checkin.)

Also, we're making an earnest attempt to be more regular with our blog-publishing schedule. So, starting next Wednesday, we'll be posting at least one meaty-sized essay on reputation matters every week. We're calling it Reputation Wednesday. A small, regular event mostly designed to keep Randy and I honest, and get us off our butts to push some of the thinking that we're putting into the book out there for conversation.

We hope that it will make some of the concepts more accessible to folks that may not have time to dive into the wiki. I'll also point out that—if you haven't done so already—now would be a wonderful time to subscribe to the feed for this blog. We promise to fill it up. I swear.


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