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Tag, You're It!

Reputation Wednesday is an ongoing series of essays about reputation-related matters. This week's entry shares some news about the production and design of our book, and asks for your help in pushing it forward to completion.

This is very exciting for us. We're close enough to draft-complete that our wonderful editor at O'Reilly, Mary, went ahead and pulled the trigger on our cover-art! Earlier this week, she shared this with us, passed along from O'Reilly Creative Director Edie Freedman.


We love it. It's a beautiful parrot, and I really like the timeless, classic appeal of it. (To be honest, I can't believe that no animal cover has featured a parrot before now. But it's true.)

For those of you paying attention, yes we did share your animal suggestions with the creative team at ORA. They enjoyed them immensely and then—true to the admonition that leads off that page—set them aside and picked this big beautiful bird. (Or 'boo-wuh' as my toddler son says after repeat viewings on Daddy's laptop.) We're pleased with the end result, and excited to see the book coming thismuchcloser to reality.

However… we still need your help! All O'Reilly books feature a tagline, and we need some good suggestions. To accompany the written proposal for the book, Randy found a fun little "O'Reilly cover generator" somewhere online, and the tagline he provided to that was "Ratings, Reviews and Karma, Oh My!" That effort was only semi-facetious—it does highlight some of the principal patterns and methods discussed in the book. Not easy to do in 2 lines of text.

So, please—if you've been following the progress of the book and have some ideas about a tagline, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment on this page.


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