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April 23, 2009

Mind your grammar

We're very excited to announce a new draft chapter is up on the wiki! We've been a little quiet these past weeks as we wrestled with the material for Chapter 2: A Grammar for Reputation because it's so central to the rest of the book. This chapter outlines a visual language for documenting & designing reputation systems (and models, and statements, and…)

Once you, the reader (and um, we the authors—we're still at least partially figuring this out ourselves!) become conversant in the concepts and the language prescribed, we'll use this language throughout the rest of the book to build ever-more involved reputation models and illustrate some well-known case studies such as Digg-style vote-to-promote systems, or some effective abuse mitigation systems that we've worked on during our time at Yahoo!

So, please do review Chapter 2: A Grammar for Reputation and share your thoughts, either as comments on the wiki or here on the blog. This chapter is something unlike what we've published here so far, and we hope that it's an important milestone in thinking about—and talking about—reputation in a systemic and structured way.