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Our Plans

It's worthwhile to pause a second, and discuss our plans for this website. We think they're pretty straightforward, so bare with us... this'll be quick. (Oh, and subject to change as well—Randy and I are first-time authors, learning as we go here. So don't hold us to anything.)

This thing you're reading right now? This is our blog. (Duh.) You probably have seen one of these before. You probably have one of these, or several. (Or you did before you left them moldering and neglected to go play on Twitter all day long.) We're going to use this blog as a really freewheelin' discussion generation engine.

So some entries that appear here will definitely be destined for the book. Others might merely be top-of-the-head musings, or content that probably won't make it into the book. Unless you decide otherwise: entries that generate a lot of discussion will be promoted in the ranking of 'things we think people will want to know about reputation systems.' And, of course—because this is a blog—sometimes we'll just point to reputation-related links and current happenings, often with a bit of commentary.

The other major component to this site will be a wiki, that will house the in-progress draft of the book! This will come online soon, with our first chapter already roughed in. Again, we're kinda making this up as we go (though drawing inspiration where we can from other O'Reilly titles like Designing Social Interfaces and Real World Haskell.) Our current thinking on the wiki is that we may not enable full-text editing of chapters just yet—this is related more to our authoring-and-publishing workflow (which, again, is a work-in-progress. Are you sensing a theme here?) But there will certainly be a rich commenting capability and a couple pairs of eager ears to hear your voice.

We hope that those of you who are really interested in this stuff will spend a decent amount of time on both sides of the site. By all means, subscribe to the feed for the blog, leave comments, trackbacks and the like. But we're also really hoping that you leave some time for a deeper read over on the wiki. There's alot to be said about reputation online, and sometimes you just can't fit this stuff in a bite-size tweet!

(Oh, and—as soon as we figure out this XML-based Docbook-to-dokuwiki-to-html-and-back-again publishing scheme that Randy is working on, I'm gonna insist that he write a colophon entry. I think some of you will find it incredibly useful.)


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