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Chapter Summaries

Up to now, if you'd visited any of the not-yet-drafted Chapter pages over on the wiki, you would've seen... well, nothing! It occurred to Randy and me that this was probably not the best way to solicit public comment. This is particularly problematic because it's exactly at this stage—before we've drafted a chapter—when comments and direction are most valuable.

So today Randy migrated most of the content over from the proposal that we presented to Yahoo! and O'Reilly for the book, so each incomplete chapter now features a SUMMARY direct from our book proposal. These summaries are sketchy outlines for the chapters contents that hopefully call out concepts that we're anticipating.

Please check them out, and add comments with suggestions for additions, or questions on what's already there. This guidance is invaluable as we embark on each new chapter. Here are the incomplete chapters, to get you started:
Chapter 2: A Grammar for Reputation
Chapter 3: Execution Environments for Reputation
Chapter 4: Basic Building Blocks
Chapter 5: Simple, Common Models
Chapter 6: Consider Your Goals
Chapter 7: Objects, Inputs, Scope & Mechanism
Chapter 9: Application Integration, Testing & Tuning
Chapter 10: Keeping Your Reputation Community Healthy
Chapter 11: Case Studies


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