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Hello, and welcome to our brand-new blog, which is a companion site to our in-progress book: Building Web 2.0 Reputation Systems. "We," in this case are F. Randall (Randy) Farmer and Bryce Glass. (Of course, we'll introduce ourselves in a little more detail soon.) The book will be a Yahoo! Press release, published by O'Reilly Media.

As the name would suggest, Building will be all about the design considerations (technical-, community- and user-experience-related) of deploying reputation systems for social media sites. It's a topic that we feel passionately about (and one that's timely) and our hope is that this blog—and an accompanying wiki—will afford you, our gentle reader, the opportunity to engage in this process with us.

Our editors at O'Reilly have basically given us carte blanche to share material from the book well in advance of publication, in whatever format we see fit. We anticipate that this may be a messy process (at least at first) and possibly not suitable for the faint-of-heart.
Some of you may ask "How open could you possibly be? Why would I buy the book if all the material is out there on the Web?" Our answer to this is simple: with this site and the accompanying wiki, we're making an earnest attempt to embody the principles of the Unbook philosophy.

By becoming part of this community and participating in any fashion (comments are welcome, edits to wiki pages even better!) you should be prepared to see the sausage being made. In fact, we hope you add a liberal dash of your own spice! At some point (Fall of 2009, God-willing!) all of this effort will yield a tangible, physical, and nicely-formatted benefit: a hearty meal that anyone can sit down and enjoy.

So don't grab that napkin, just yet—no, first let's us reach for some aprons...


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